George Reeves... Superman

It has been called one of Hollywood's
most famous murder mysteries.

On June 16th, 1959, actor George Reeves,
the star of the very popular television series 'Superman',
died from a single gunshot to his head.
There are some serious suspects.

Filled with mysterious and suspicious circumstances,
the death of George Reeves is still debated worldwide.

Was it murder... or suicide?

This photo of George Reeves was taken 
 just days before his death.

I have studied the George Reeves case for many years.

I am a fan of George Reeves.
I like the guy; I wish that I had met him.

Here are some articles that I have written that I think you will enjoy.

What about the extra bullet holes?

Yes, there were bullet holes throughout George's home.
I honestly believe the number has been grossly exaggerated, but they were there.

photo of George Reeves in his den.

The George Reeves photo session.
The last photos...

Taken just a week or so before his death...

How many people were
actually in the house the
night that George Reeves died?

The police said it was 'difficult to
determine just who all had been
in the house that night...'

George's maybe future wife, Lenore Lemmon, said Polly Adler had come to the house,
the very night that George Reeves died...
Polly was famous for running a high class whore house in NYC.
Polly was a friend of Lenore.

Whether you call her Lenore or Leonore,
I think she was more than her bad reputation.

She openly admitted that she had been a party girl. She laughed about it.
She was also a gold digger.
But, I do not believe she killed him.

photo of Lenore (Leonore) Lemmon

Lenore (Leonore) Lemmon
This is her page.

"I was a party girl!"
That's a direct quote from Lenore Lemmon.

Wild Woman

Lenore Lemmon

A Hollywood story...

Wild Woman

Radio actor and announcer
Harry Bartell
is stabbed... by George Reeves!

The 26 new episodes

What the heck was that all about?
Yes, they were going to film brand new color episodes.
Everyone knew about it, and yet... nothing ever happened.

I believe that George was indeed contacted by National Comics about new filming.
He was the only person contacted. Jack Larson did not receive an urgent cablegram.
Whatever was said with National, George had the idea that it was going to happen.
He told a number of people that they were going back before the cameras to film 26 new episodes.
Nothing ever happened...

I believe this failure to get the new filming underway,
was one of the factors leading to George Reeves' death.

"She got him drunk, really drunk...
and then sent him home alone."

The 1959 car accident

Could George handle a .27 BAC?

The Australian tour...
Was it really going to happen?

The deal was $20,000 plus expenses.
George and everyone were deluding
themselves with a pie in the sky idea.

George Reeves was 45 years old.
He was under a lot of pressure.
He had been unable to find an acting job.
He needed to get out of his home, out of his depression.
He also needed an actual agent, but he didn't have one.
He had a very angry Toni Mannix, who had literally stolen his dog.
And then there was Lenore...

Behind his nice smile, George was a man with a lot of pressure on him.

The case... for suicide

It remains one of Hollywood's most famous mysteries.
Debate continues to this day.
Was it suicide... or murder?

Here's an interesting fact about
'Gone With the Wind'

As everyone knows,
this was George's first role
in a major movie.

One of the last scenes to be filmed,
was the fifth and final version of the
opening scene with George and Fred Crane!

The location of George's home.

See how close it was to the Charles Manson murders.

Here's the floor plan.

It's easy to find a conspiracy.
There is a great cast of suspects.
Lenore had slept with gangsters. She told me, "I loved Frank Costello."
Toni Mannix, a woman with a lot of money, a woman scorned...
Her husband, Eddie, head of MGM studios, who hated to see his wife hurt,
... and Powerful Hollywood.

photo of one of the main 
witnesses of the death of George Reeves, Bill Bliss.

Here's the only known photo... of Bill Bliss.
He arrived at the house after midnight, alone.
The story that he came with Carol Van Ronkel is not true.
She was already in the house,
drunk and passed out in bed with houseguest Bobby Condon.
The photo was provided by his wife, Janet.
He remains an enigma.

Here's a photo of George Reeves and Toni Mannix

(Photo courtesy Lou Koza)
Here's George, Toni and his beloved dog, Sam.
George Reeves and Toni Mannix were a wonderful Hollywood couple.
They had 'dated' for almost nine years.
Her husband, Eddie, knew and approved of their relationship.

But, as it happens so many times,
one of them was losing interest.

She was starting to show her age, and George was either
going through a mid-life crisis, or he was just growing tired of the relationship.

George and Toni had a very ugly break up.

Lenore Lemmon had entered the scene...

Photograph of Art Weissman. 
The photo shows him with a goatee and mostly bald.

This is Art Weissman, in a TV tabloid program.
He was George's agent and manager, but he didn't know his way around the Hollywood studios.
Art was a good and loyal friend to George, but he was not the agent that was needed.
I blame him for most of George's failures to get acting jobs.

photo of Eddie Mannix

This is Eddie Mannix at MGM studios.
He was one of the most powerful people in Hollywood.
Some people feared him.
Other people liked him.
Everyone respected him.
(Thanks to Lou Koza)

This is a good photo of George Reeves, 
as Superman, and he has a very nice smile.

George smiles. Yes, it's a nice smile.

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