From Jim Nolt's 'The Adventures Continue'.

Thanks to Lou Koza...

In 1995, George Reeves expert Lou Koza,
visited George's former home at 1579 Benedict Canyon Road.

Lou went through a lot of trouble putting this together.
If you've ever studied the mystery of the death of George Reeves,
then this is for you.

Lou took the time to put this floor plan together
so that all of us can take a good look at the home
and have a better understanding of the events of that night.

floor plan of the home of George Reeves

Lou points out that realtors refer to the home as a 'splanch',
meaning a split level ranch house.

This is the floorplan from the back side of the house 
of George Reeves.

Here are two photos from the backyard.

Here's a 2015 Google Earth shot of the front of the home.
There are lots of trees and bushes that 
partially hide the house from the street. Telephone wires can be seen.

My thanks to Jim Nolt
and especially to Lou Koza for the great work he did here.

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