George Reeves' Home.

George lived at 1579 Benedict Canyon Drive, in the Beverly Hills area.

The house was bought in the early 1950's for $12,000.
There's a general belief that Toni Mannix bought the house, but his name
was always on the title so she probably helped him with the down payment.

Below is a Google Earth overhead view showing George's house, Easton Drive and close by...
the location of the 1969 Charles Manson family killings of
Sharon Tate (and her unborn baby boy) and 4 others.
The actual house was torn down in 1994
and a new home, with a new address was built.

Farther up the canyon is Easton Drive where Bill and Janet Bliss lived,
and their neighbors Carol Van Ronkel and her husband.
At one point, George's good friend, Fred Crane, also lived on Easton Drive.

In 1932, Paul Bern and Jean Harlow lived on Easton.
One night, he was shot to death.
It became one of those sordid mysteries of Hollywood.
Supposedly a suicide, it is now believed by many to be a murder.
Paul, married to actress Jean Harlow, died under mysterious circumstances.
The general thinking now is that his abandoned common-law wife had shot him to death.
She killed herself two days later.

Years later, Jay Sebring bought Paul and Jean's home.
Sharon Tate was a friend and she visited there a number of times.
She and Jay were murdered by the Manson gang,
at the home where she was staying, right around the corner from George's.

Also living in his home on Easton at the same time that everything was happening at George's,
was actor Stuart Whitman. He lived there for a number of years.

satellite view of the 
location of George Reeves' home.

Toni Mannix inherited George's home.
It is unclear just how long she retained possession
but author and researcher Jan Henderson has reported
that realtors had trouble getting people to come to 'open houses'.

The house has a reputation of being haunted by George's ghost.

Jan said that way back in 1995, the home was for sale with
an asking price of $695,000, but eventually sold for $495,000.

photo of 
the home that George Reeves lived in.

The bedroom over the garage was George's guest room.
His master bedroom and bath were on the back side.

The current owner has seen no ghosts and is very comfortable
in the home that George Reeves once lived in.

The floor plan and backyard photos!

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