George Reeves - could he handle a .27 BAC?

George Reeves was a long time heavy drinker.
When his body arrived at the mortuary, a vial of blood was drawn.
His BAC (blood alcohol content) was .27.

For most people, .27 is just a couple of points away from 'severe central nervous system depression' (breakdown).
A BAC of .27 should have had George in a stupor with a loss of understanding.
Also, he should have had severe motor impairment and loss of consciousness.

Of course, as has been widely reported, George could really handle his liquor.
This .27 BAC has been blamed by a number of people, and suggested by a number of authors,
for the reason that George killed himself.
Most people with that amount of alcohol in them are either comatose... or dead.

Is it possible that he was so drunk that he just wasn't thinking clearly and he decided to shoot himself?

However, here's some information that researcher and author James Sullivan came up with.
He writes that this thinking is completely incorrect.
Some men can handle a .27 BAC.
In August of 2012, Iowa police arrested a drunk driver with .627 BAC.
Also in Iowa, on New Year's Eve of 2013, a drunk driver was found with .435 BAC.

George was a big man who kept in good shape,
(forget about what the movie 'Hollywoodland' would have you believe),
and he had been a heavy drinker for many years.

Most people would be incapacitated, and in many cases dead, but George could handle a .27 BAC.

In Leonore Lemmon's video interview, it is pointed out to her that he had a high BAC.
Her response was, "Yeah, so?"
We should have listened to her; she knew he could handle his liquor.
He was an operating alcoholic who could hold his liquor.

We'll never know the real truth about the death of George Reeves.
But we need to realize that while he had a huge amount of alcohol in him, he could handle it.

To emphasize the point,
George Reeves could really handle his liquor.

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