Volgograd... city on the Volga

Volgograd is located about 600 miles south of Moscow. It's more laid back and relaxed than the much bigger Moscow, even though Volgograd has a population of a little more than a million people.

The riverfront at Volgograd

It's difficult for an American to picture Volgograd and Moscow as being part of Europe, but technically, this city is very much part of the European continent.

This is a comfortable city with many parks. An interesting thing about Volgograd is that it is on steppe land; the only thing that grows naturally here is grass. All of the shrubs and trees in this city had to be planted and watered.

Today, this is truly... a city of trees, shrubs and flowers.

This is the downtown area, filmed during the
70th anniversary of the defeat of Nazi Germany.

This is the planetarium at Volgograd.
It was a gift to the city by Germany.

Here I am, being interviewed
for Volgograd TV.
Sure glad I wore my hairpiece.

This is the only tree that survived the Battle of Stalingrad.
It's alive and well in downtown volgograd.

This photograph was taken on a yacht on the Volga River.

Marian, Nadya's daughter, asked me if I know who we are, meaning all of us in the photo.

She said,

"We... are the new Russians".

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