This is a photo of the 
'Motherland Calling' monument in Volgograd (formerly Stalingrad). It is a woman holding an upraised sword.

She stands where the largest battle of World War II took place.
It is one of the largest monuments on Earth,
and yet...
most Americans have no idea that it even exists!

Her name is Motherland Calls

This is a photo of me standing by the head 
of the 'Motherland Calls' statue.

The big statue and me...

The city of Volgograd is about 600 miles south of Moscow.
It borders the large Volga River for more than a mile.
There are about a million people living here.

It is a very vibrant community;
there are many parks, sidewalk cafes, malls, multi-plex theaters and more than ten McDonalds.
It is quite common to see construction cranes and new buildings under construction.

Several times during the year, such as the Victory Day holiday,
the city's name officially returns to Stalingrad.

This is a photo showing the gigantic statue standing on a hill, 
surrounded by trees and the memorial chamber with its eternal flame and guards. There is also a Russian Orthodox church 
at the memorial complex.

The memorial complex...

These are some Volgograd friends of mine
on vacation on the Black Sea.

painting of action sequence 
showing the heroes on the big statue.

This is the original poster art for my book.
I always kind of liked it.

During Ukraine,
a story of the Russians,
in love and war...
My Amazon book

Short videos...

What Mandy saw in downtown Volgograd

Participants in the Battle of Stalingrad

Here are photos of some of the places mentioned in my book.

The Planetarium at Volgograd.
It was a gift to the city by Germany.

The front entrance of the planetarium.

Photo of the monument, which stands 70-80 feet.

This is the monument at Kalach.

This is the first reported location that the Russian army linked up,
surrounding the German Sixth Army.


"The Russians at Stalingrad
tore the guts out of
the German war machine."

Winston Churchill

The Battle of Stalingrad lasted for almost 200 days.
When it was over, Hitler and Germany knew the truth...
they were losing the war.
It was the largest battle in history...

This is the last remaining building from the
Battle of Stalingrad.

It is right next to the Panoramic War Museum.

A heavily damaged and exposed large building 
from the battle.

It was featured in the book. Here it is...
The really big Vladimir Lenin statue

Sculpture of children dancing 
at the Volgograd train station.

This famous sculture of children dancing around a playful alligator
(a Russian fairy tale) survived the Battle of Stalingrad.
However, there was so much reconstruction of the
bombed and burned out city that it got in the way, so it was dismantled.

But, a Russian motorcycle club, the 'Night Wolves',
proposed that the sculpture and fountain be rebuilt.
On August 23rd, 2013,
President Vladimir Putin officially opened the new sculpture.

An unfortunate note, in December of that year, a terrorist bomb exploded here,
killing 18 people and injuring many more.

Victory Day 2015!

from the Panoramic Museum
and planetarium at Volgograd (Stalingrad)

City on the Volga... Volgograd

The Amber Room

photo of the Amber Room

Photo of part of the Amber Room.
The mosaic florentine panels can be seen on the walls.

Here's the panel that was in my book

President Vladimir Putin. Behind him is the mosaic panel
that was featured in my book. This panel is one of the very few items
that have been recovered from the original Amber room.

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