These are the last photos that were taken of the
man who played Superman, George Reeves.

We can't be certain of the actual date, but in all probability, George and Leonore posed for these
photos less than a week before his death.

We've all seen the photo of him sitting on his front steps, gray hair, and not smiling.
Some people have said that this was a depressed George Reeves because he didn't have his almost trademark smile.

However, here's a photo of him standing at his front door the very same day and wearing the same clothes... and smiling.

photo of George standing by his front door.

I came across these photos on Jim Nolt's website.
They were up for sale at an auction.

I find these photos to be somewhat fascinating. They show a George Reeves who is not depressed.
They show a man who is apparently trying to change his image and move forward... beyond Superman.

Just days later, George would be dead from a gunshot wound.

To this day, people still wonder, was it suicide, or murder?

I have said, along with just about everyone else, that George had changed his mind about marrying Leonore.
Sure, they had been seen arguing the night he died.

But perhaps many of us, including myself, may be absolutely wrong.
George told Henry Gris and others that he loved Leonore and intended on marrying her.

See the next photo of the two of them. I have never seen this photo before.
While neither is actually smiling, they look happy together.

photo of George and Leonore.

Regardless, his death took place during an angry argument.
George Reeves and Leonore Lemmon were two people who should never have met.
They had a Hollywood love story that was doomed.

Here's a photo of George and his rifle collection, in his den.
He may have had only one pistol, the Luger that killed him.

Respected researcher Jim Beaver had talked to at least one witness,
who claimed that George would get drunk at parties and shoot the hats off of men.
I don't know if he supposedly used one of his rifles or a handgun but I'll tell you straight out,
I don't believe it. I don't believe that George shot the hats off of men at drunken parties.

On the same topic, Jim talked with witnesses who told him that George would
display extreme recklessness with firearms and had done so for many years.

photo of George standing in front of three rifles 
displayed on the wall of his den.

We've all seen this photo of George and his 1959 Oldsmobile.
It's a good photo. In fact, it's a very good photo of a happy man.
Notice the temporary license plate. He had just bought it.

photo of George standing by his car. He's smiling.

But this is the photo that I find most appealing.
He's holding a glass of 'Stock 84 Brandy' (from the bottle on the side).
This was a respected brandy in 1959, just as it still is today.
Researcher Chuck Harter interviewed a witness who said that George was drinking brandy at Paul's Steakhouse,
on his final night out. Since he had a bottle of Stock 84 in his den, it's very possible that's
what he was drinking at the piano bar, while Leonore walked around 'entertaining' the other customers.

This is my favorite photo.

photo of George, not smiling, just looking into 
the camera while holding a glass of brandy.

These photos, the last ever taken of him,
(with the exception of him in his casket, which should never have been released publicly),
have intrigued me for some time.
These are important photos. They are saying something.

These are the last photos that were taken of George Reeves.
They show a man who is happy and ready to move forward.

Several of the photos (duplicates) were previously sold to collectors and have appeared in books and websites,
but I was not aware that they were all taken on the same day.

The photos were taken by former child actor Billy Seay.
In the early 1950's he began a new career as a painter and photographer.

These photos show a George Reeves, just days before his death,
who is happy and with no thoughts of killing himself.

Certainly, he was being pulled in different directions.
There were a number of things going on in his life, including a proposed tour of Australia and possibly also Japan.
There was the upcoming filming (no definite date) of 26 additional 'Superman' episodes.

And of course, he and Leonore were planning to be married in just weeks...

I have been a researcher of the George Reeves case for many years.

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