The final word on President Kennedy's death...?

Like most people, I have investigated the President Kennedy assassination.
I went to Dallas and Dealey Plaza.
I stood on the grassy knoll and discussed conspiracy theories with other visitors.

While there, I chanced upon an assasination witness.
His name is Ed Hoffman. He's a deaf mute.
Through writing and pointing, I was told Ed's story.

If you can believe Ed Hoffman...
he saw the gunman on the grassy knoll.

He saw the gunman fire two times, then hide the rifle in a railroad signal box and quickly walk away.

Ed tried to tell a policeman, but since he couldn't speak,
and with everything that was happening,
the policeman wouldn't listen to him and quickly moved past him.

The problem is, Ed's a phony.
As Dan Rather has reported, Ed's changed his story over the years.

I'm certainly not picking on Ed.
The fact is, there have been a lot of 'stories' and misinformation
that have been created about President Kennedy's assasination.

People have made money, by selling conspiracy theories.

While I was talking with Ed, a man came up to me and introduced himself.
"I'm the guy that CNN sent down into the sewers".

So there you have it. I've met Ed Hoffman
and the guy that CNN sent down into the sewers.

The main thing about the President Kennedy assasination, is that there is a great cast of suspects.
There is the CIA, Cuban hitmen, mafia hitmen, right wing zealots and I suppose, even the Russians.

The fact is...
Lee Harvey Oswald really did do it,
and he did it all by himself.

I'm not going to spend the next three weeks writing everything
there is to know or think about the death of President Kennedy.
So, I'm going to give you a quick rundown of what happened.

Oswald's first shot missed.
The bullet hit a tree branch and broke apart.
The second shot hit President Kennedy,
passed through him, and hit Governor Connally.

This was the so-called 'magic bullet'. It wasn't magic. Computer analysis has proven it.

The third bullet hit the President in the back of the head.

Who was Lee Harvey Oswald?

Oswald was a loser who wanted to be a communist.

He went to Russia.
The Russians didn't want him until he tried to commit suicide (probably faked it).
The Russians felt 'stuck' with him, and allowed him to live and work in Russia.

Oswald meets his wife, but is bored in Russia.
Back in those days, they didn't even have bowling alleys in Russia.

Oswald and wife, Marina, return to the United States.
Things don't go well, and Oswald applies to the Russians to allow him to return.
The Russians know he's just some loser, and refuse.
Oswald is stuck in America, with a succession of low paying jobs.

Oswald gets a job at the Texas School Book Depository, in Dallas.
It pays minimum wage. His marriage is in trouble.

One day he hears that President Kennedy's motorcade will be passing right by his building...

Oswald's angry about everything.
I'm certainly not suggesting that we should feel sorry for him,
but I honestly believe that if Lee Harvey Oswald had found
a decent paying job... history would be different.

There has never been an incident

that has been explored and examined as much...
as the President Kennedy assasination.

The problem is that we need a conspiracy to make us feel better.
We need to see massive and unstoppable forces.
We need to see high level intrigue.

It makes us feel better.

It's just so very difficult to accept the fact that one angry loser,
with a cheap rifle,

changed the course of history...

While I have you here, let me ask a question.
Where would the investigation into the death of President Kennedy have gone....
if Abraham Zapruder had not made his famous 8mm film?

What about Jack Ruby?

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