Tomorrow and Tonight!

An international crime lord...
an illegal casino cruise ship...
a deadly secret...

Revolving around the gigantic statue that overlooks the Volga River,
this is a story of the new Russia.

This is a Russia that has left behind its communist past
and is intent on being as capitalistic as those Americans.

This is a photo showing the gigantic statue standing on a hill, 
surrounded by trees and the memorial chamber with its eternal flame and guards. There is also a Russian Orthodox church 
at the memorial complex.

Let me tell you about my book.

It takes place in the present day city
that experienced the Battle of Stalingrad.
I have been to this city ten times...

For the successors to the KGB,
is the greatest
adventure of them all!

There are many people in Russia who do not trust
the FSB, the Federal Security Service.

They are the heroes in my story...

Here are some of the characters in the story...

Beautiful Valeria: she openly admits that she used her body to latch onto a billionaire.

Nick: he's haunted by his betrayal of his best friend and he's in love with Valeria.

Sasha: she slept with a friend of her father's to get the money to move to Volgograd.
She's the good girl in the story.

Yuri: a dedicated and good FSB agent; sometimes he crosses the line.

Milo Krovsky: a billionaire international crime lord.
His casino cruise ship holds a deadly secret.

Mandy: she cheated on her husband and committed an act of prostitution...
She's one of the heroes; you'll like her.

And the heroes in the story... the FSB.
They are suspects in committing crimes against the Russian people.

Controversial? Damn right!

Welcome to a city and world that you have never seen before!

Cover of my book that shows the gigantic statue 
that stands in Stalingrad-Volgograd.

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Tomorrow and Tonight

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