June 16, 1959...

George Reeves was dead.

The police said it was difficult to determine just who all was in the house that night...

We have always known that house guest Robert Condon,
Carol Van Ronkel and William Bliss were there.

Robert (Bobby) was writing a book about boxer Archie Moore.
The book was published as
'The Archie Moore Story, as told to Bob Condon'.

photo of Carol

Carol lived in the neighborhood.
She had come to the house hours earlier (the 15th) wearing only a nightgown.
She had known Bobby in the past and came for a romantic tryst with him.

photo of one of the main 
witnesses of the death of George Reeves, Bill Bliss.

William Bliss lived a mile or so up the canyon.
He saw the outside light on and stopped by for a drink.

But in her 1989 interviews, Leonore talked about two other people...

After George's death, Leonore needed to get her friend Carol out of the house.
She was married, drunk... and passed out in bed with Bobby.
They were in the guest room over the garage.

Leonore wanted to save Carol's marriage.

That was the reason that the police were not called right away.

The first person to arrive was good friend Gwen Dailey.

photo of Donald and Gwen

This is Gwen with her first husband Donald O'Connor.
Their daughter Donna told the story that they were having breakfast.
Donald asked Gwen what she'd like to do that day.
She replied that she wanted a divorce.
Donald was stunned, and asked if she'd rather see a movie.

photo of Dan and Gwen

Here's Gwen with her second husband, Dan Dailey.
Leonore said, "Imagine being married to two Irish tap dancers in the same lifetime."

According to Leonore, Gwen got Carol out of the house. She said the police report was "full of shit."
She insisted that Carol was out of the house when the police arrived.
It is very possible that the police talked to Carol later (perhaps on the phone)
and didn't mention in the police report that she had gone home.

A year later, Gwen Dailey and Leonore went to London
and entertained the Brits with their stories of the night that George Reeves died.

The other person to arrive was longtime friend Polly Adler.

photo of Polly Adler

Leonore, Polly and Bobby all knew each other from their New York City days.

Polly was living in the Los Angeles area and taking care of her father (per Pulitzer prize winner Debby Applegate).
Polly was famous, or infamous, for running a number of high class whore houses in New York.

Polly's book

Her autobiography, 'A house is not a Home', was made into a movie.

Leonore had called her and said, 'You have to get Bobby out of the house.
He's in bed with a friend of mine who's married.'
Polly's car was reportedly seen at the house that night.

It's confusing but I believe Leonore's account of Gwen and Polly coming to the house...
before the police were called.

As Police Chief William Parker said, 'Everyone in the house was very drunk.
It was difficult to determine just who all had been in the house that night...'

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