Universe is!

We live in the Milky Way Galaxy.

If our sun was the size of a period on this page,
the Milky Way Galaxy would be the size of the United States.

The Milky Way Galaxy is one of hundreds of billions of Galaxies.

The smaller galaxies have millions of stars.
The Milky Way... has two hundred billion.

It's impossible to imagine the size of the universe.

There are well in excess of 100 billion galaxies
that the Hubble space telescope has observed!

No one has any idea of how many more billions are beyond the vision of Hubble...

Scientists tell us that the universe is about 14 billion years old, with the Earth about 3.6 billion years old.
The Hubble space telescope and Earth telescopes have seen into the past
because it takes so many billions of years for the light to reach us.

I don't understand the Big Bang theory.

A photo of a spiral galaxy

The Big Bang theory...
This is the idea that in the beginning, all matter was compressed to an infinitely small size.

Something happened...
A major explosion...

All of the matter blew outward, eventually clumping together, eventually forming stars and planets and galaxies.

Scientists say that they can prove this, because the universe is still moving outward.

Scientists say that it's okay not to understand the big bang theory.
The important thing is to accept it.

I accept the fact that something happened billions of years ago.
Something 'exploded' and sent all matter outward. This matter is still traveling outward.

The problem I have is...
Where did the matter come from in the first place?

Does this prove the existence of God?

Or, does it indicate that the universe has always been here,
in one form or another,
forever... with no beginning?

It's impossible to imagine such a thing.
Intelligent human beings know that everything must have a beginning.

Caution, don't think about this while driving. It's a mind blower.

It's impossible for something to just be here, with no beginning.
It's impossible for something to exist, to have always existed... with no beginning.

I contend that God is real, or... the universe has always been here, with no beginning.

It's impossible to imagine...

The universe... is.

A photo of the Andromeda Galaxy

The milky Way Galaxy is actually one of the larger galaxies. We have a neighbor that is a little larger.

This is the Andromeda Galaxy. It's a spiral galaxy, just like our Milky Way.

The Andromeda Galaxy has about one trillion stars. It's about 250 light years away.

The gravity of our two galaxies is pulling us toward each other.

In about two-billion years, our galaxies will collide.

What's a light year? It's 5.88 trillion miles, the distance that light will travel,
at 186,000 miles per second, in a year. With the exception of our own solar system,
the light year is always used to show distance.

The Star Trek films and other SciFi films have to violate Einstein's theory
that nothing can travel faster than the speed of light. 'Warp' speed had to be invented
so our heroes would be able to get to those other worlds.

50 million light years from Earth...

The Hubble telescope, using a Spectrograph (you can't see a black hole)
discovered a black hole with a mass of more than 3 billion suns.
Further observations would show that supermassive black holes are common features of large galaxies.

With the exception of the Star Wars films, every Star Trek film and every movie and TV science fiction film ever made
has always taken place in our Milky Way Galaxy. There's no need to have
a story in another galaxy. The Milky Way is just too immense.

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