Lenore Lemmon

Here are various photos of Lenore and some interesting links.

photo of Lenore when she was young

Lenore about 18 years old.

Lenore and Jake Webb

Lenore and Jake Webb. The honeymoon lasted 8 days.
The marriage was about the same but officially it lasted for 3 years.

Lenore leaves the house.
She walks by the new car in the driveway.

Lenore has been ordered out of the house by the police, who place a 'Police seal' on the house.
Walking beside her may be Bill Bliss or it may be a detective who doesn't want to make the newspapers.
Lenore went to Gwen Dailey's home.

photo of Edward Bennett Williams and Jean Pochna
 and Lenore

From the book 'The Man to See'.
Taken at the end of 1959 or early 1960,
that's Edward Bennett Williams on the left sitting next to Jean Pochna.
At the far side of the table is Lenore.

I liked this book. I recommend it. You can find it on Amazon.

Here are some odds and ends...

Lenore makes her stage debut
She's the singing hat check girl!

This is a very poor quality photo but it shows Lucy and Desi Arnaz, with Lenore between them.
Bundles for Britain helped our British friends in the beginning of World War II.
Lenore as the doorgirl.

Lucy isn't smiling.
Does she suspect that Desi knows this young pretty Brunette?

If you go to GettyImages.com and search for Lenore Lemmon,
there is a photo of Desi and Lenore at a New Year's celebration.
She's sitting next to Desi. The blonde woman, a model, is also with Desi.

Yes, Desi knew Lenore.

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