They called it Crab Island...

I'm Dr. Doug Redding. I'm a marine biologist.

I had been to Crab Island once before.
It's crawling with crabs.
More specifically, the blue crab.

The blue crab has been called the most advanced crab on Earth.

A couple of examples are...
Most crabs have poor eyesight; the blue crab has perfect vision.

They're swimmers. A tagged blue crab was found to have traveled 35 miles... in 48 hours.

photo of a blue crab.

Something else about the blue crab...
They're tough, clever and they're always trying to fool you.
They're mean little bastards...

On my second journey to Crab Island,
I was going to assist Dr. Karl Kromagnus,
who lived and worked on the Island in a partnership with the U.S. Navy.

Accompaning me was an electrician friend of mine, Jack.

With us was his ex-wife, Judy.
She was writing an article about the Navy's cooperation with civilian marine biology.
Judy is beautiful, sexy and very intelligent.

I suppose that would be fine, except, she also brought along her younger sister, Suzy.
Suzy was even more attractive.
She had posed in a men's magazine.
She had destroyed every man who came into contact with her.

I couldn't take my eyes off of her...

Maybe you've seen our story in the news.

If not, here's the Amazon book.

Blue Hell Ascending

cover of my book, 
'Blue Hell Ascending'

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