The Bermuda Triangle...

Navy Flight 19        Disappearances        


"Don't come after us.
They look like they're from outer space!"

In 1945, five Navy planes, Flight 19, on a routine training mission,
disappeared into what has become known, as the Bermuda Triangle.

A search plane sent out looking for them... was never heard from again.

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This is a drawing
of the five Navy planes, Flight 19, that disappeared into the Bermuda Triangle.

There are many theories about the disappearance of Flight 19.
There are also... facts.

Some years ago, PBS's respectable 'Nova' series did an episode on the mystery... of the Bermuda Triangle.

They concluded... there's nothing mysterious about the Triangle at all.

Flight 19 consisted of five Avenger torpedo bombers, with 14 crewmen.
Nova reported that the lead pilot, who had flown the route (near the florida Keys), a number of times,
had compass and visibility problems.

He was familiar with the route and decided to navigate by reefs and Islands below.

It appears that he mistakenly turned left or right... at the wrong set of reefs.

The mainland never appeared as it always had before.

Some words were heard by the control tower, "everything looks different", "strange".

There was confusion, because the expected mainland never appeared.

Then... silence.

A Navy search plane was sent out; it was never heard from again.

Nova believes that the plane, filled with large amounts of fuel for long searches,
was in effect, a flying gas can.

It is believed that in the excitement of the search,
a crewman lit up a cigarette, and the plane exploded.

In fact, an explosion at sea was reported by an eye witness.

In the 1970's,
there was a documentary about the Bermuda Triangle
that was released to the movie theaters.

Narrated by actor Vincent Price,
the television commercials had one of the pilots
radio the control tower with the words,

"Don't come after us!
They look like they're from outer space!"

Ah, American ingenuity to make a fast buck.
And people think that the Russians are corrupt.

Of course, I'm the guy who played up those words in this article,
knowing full well... that they were never spoken.
Sorry. I am so ashamed.

Nova reported that there are mysterious happenings all over the world, and that in fact,
the Bermuda Triangle is actually a very safe place.

How did this all come about?
Why is the Bermuda Triangle
considered to be a place of
strange and unexplainable occurrences?

The Bermuda Triangle is an imaginary triangle with one of its points actually at the Island of Bermuda.
The other points are in the general areas of Puerto Rico and Miami. The Bahamas are covered in this area.

Many thousands of ships and airplanes regularly cross this area every year.
This is where the cruise ships take a million passengers a year when they cruise through the Caribbean.

This is actually one of the most heavily traveled shipping lanes in the world.

The Coast Guard believes that many of the 'disappearances' that have been reported over the years are the result of 'human error'.
People have sailed off into a storm. Many ships and small boats have been lost
when they ran into a major storm, which happens on a regular basis every year.
Many of the books and articles about 'mysterious disappearances'
fail to mention major storms that had happened that day.

The Coast Guard has also found that many of the incidences written about in books and articles
were either embellished by authors... or never happened at all.

The number of ships and planes that have been lost in this area are no more than can be found anywhere else in the world.
I will repeat, Nova found that the Bermuda Triangle is actually a very safe place.

One of the main reasons why this area still manages to fascinate people is because
there are many books that frankly, are filled with false information.

Nova asked the author of one book where he got his information.
He replied that it came from another book that had been written ten years earlier.

Another author was asked for his sources.
He said that he got it from Lt. Jones, who had been in the air traffic control tower
that day and had heard the entire thing.
Nova contacted Lt. Jones; he hadn't heard anything like what had been written about him.

The fact is, there are many books and articles that have been written that are not factual, on purpose.
The truth is not as entertaining as a made up story about mysterious and unexplained events.
There is money to be made and as the above Vincent Price documentary shows, if someone is willing to pay you for it, go for it.

Flight 19 has never been found. Somewhere out there in the ocean are five Navy planes...

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